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Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Posted by Mark Roath on June 29, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Is homosexuality a sin?  (Or transgender?)  When this question is asked in this culture, it is vital to get further information, because without the parameters being clarified, the secular world is making statements that are illogical about Christians.  The questions that need to be clarified are: 1) What is sin?  2) Who or what is this a sin against?  3) What is the standard or law being used?  4) Who is the judge of the standard?


It seems to me that this question is being asked of Christians in the context of a Christian Biblical world view, but Christians are being judged in the context of a Secular world view.  In a Biblical world view, sin is breaking God’s law.  Any transgression is against God Himself.  God’s law is written in the Bible.  And it is God Himself who will judge whether or not someone is guilty of breaking His laws. 

In a Secular world view, sin is the breaking of man’s law.  Sin is against another person.  Man’s law is written by our government.  And it is our justice system that determines if someone is guilty of breaking laws.  Therefore, when the Supreme Court determines that Homosexual Marriage is legal (setting aside arguments of their ability to do so), then it would be a “sin” to proclaim that homosexuality is a sin in a Secular world view. 


So, here is the scenario that plays out over and over in our world.  The question is asked of a Christian, “do you think homosexuality a sin?”  The Christian says, “yes,” because he assumes the person is asking if it is a sin against God.  Then, invariably the Christian will be told that he is judgmental, that he is old-fashioned, that he is mean to homosexuals and that he is unfair to people who are simply born that way.  In other words, the Christian is deemed a societal “sinner” if he believes that homosexuality is a sin.  In reality the Christian is not mean or judgmental, it is God who wrote the law and judges whether or not someone is guilty or innocent.  From a Christian standpoint, if someone has a problem with the law, their problem is with God, not man.  No mere man can judge the innocence or guilt of God’s law.  He can only report what the Bible says.  Incidentally, the Bible is clear in the Old Testament and New Testament that God has deemed homosexuality a sin.  There is no question.  Therefore, to socially condemn a Christian for reporting on God’s law is absurd.  To be more accurate, if someone has a problem with God’s designation that homosexuality is a sin, they should come out of the closet proclaiming that God Himself is mean, unfair and judgmental. 


The reason that Christian’s themselves are being attacked has nothing to do with the Bible, it has everything to do with whether or not God’s law is a valid standard for us as a nation.  Christians are being asked (or forced in some cases) to proclaim a Secular world view that is counter to the law of God because that is what is necessary in order for a Secular world view to be the determinative source for our laws.  A Christian, who believes that the Bible is without error and timeless, can never agree, not because he is mean, but because he believes that God is right.  As a result, the Christian will automatically believe that our nation would be better off if we seek to base our laws on God’s laws, without forcing individuals to believe.  That is what our founders did and our nation thrived, as good laws can help produce a good society.  Conversely, as the Secular world view continues to pervade our law-making and law-enforcing entities, that same luxury of freedom is not being afforded to Christians (The proposed California law against Christian universities is another example of this reality).  In the end, the Secular argument against Christians is schizophrenic.


I wrote this quickly and would like some feedback on how to improve it. 

Troy K. Green said...

Posted on July 08, 2016 @ 5:23 PM -
Great job Mark.

I believe the reason this is more difficult for us to understand and see in the US is because from the founding of this country until about 70 years ago, the laws of the land were nearly entirely based upon the Law of God. The liberals and a certain political party in this country have been busy trying to distance the law of the Land from the Law of God. Of course, they have had to try to re-write history to do so. The liberals, not the Christians, are the ones who have been trying to remove our choices and rights given under the Law of God. It seems to the liberals that all of our wonderful freedoms in this country come from a benevolent hand of an all-powerful big government. Well that is simply, not true. They might want to read our founding documents which they have been trashing for so long. Those documents explain exactly from Whom our rights and freedoms come. Our current leaders in Government and others might want to read Psalms 2:10-12. These verses make it all very plain.

Thank God for His Law and those who have gone before us who have taught us this Law, lived it by upholding its tenants, wrote it into our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution; thereby helping to make us truly "free", because in these two documents, both His Law and the secular law are about as closely aligned as possible in this life and on this earth. To date, in the "secular" world, these two documents are our best examples of His "Pure and Perfect Genius". However, we also know, that God has only one world and it is His World.

Roy Owen said...

Posted on July 06, 2016 @ 3:01 PM -
Pastor, please continue to preach the Word of God as it is written. Your ministry is a breath of fresh air in this very polluted society we currently live in. May God open the eyes of the "Tim Durhams" of this world.

Mark said...

Posted on June 30, 2016 @ 9:31 AM -
Tim, I wish you could see that you are only proving my point. I truly don't have hatred.

Tim L. Durham said...

Posted on June 29, 2016 @ 9:23 PM -
What tender beautiful words to cloak your hatred and exclusion. Very well written, though.. But your hatred and exclusion sprinkled with glitter is still that same old tired dog turd. It's prettier now, but it's still an anachronistic dog turd. How many more people will die from shame, murder, suicide, etc., due to these shameful condemning religious tenets of yours?
And including transgender in your trumped up morality play? It's a birth defect you backward toothless individual. It happens rarely during phoetal development of the dermal cells early on. Read up on it. It's like a withered arm or a cleft palate, only it's "down there", you know... the "nether area" that godly people aren't allowed to say aloud or discuss intelligently.
I may someday come back within the fold just as soon as you get rid of the hatred and exclusion you promote for other religions, and/or non religions and or people "not like you".
Respectfully submitted,
Tim L. Durham, andabunchoflettersandperiodsafterthesignature
Have a nice day in your world. Try to be nicer to all people for a change.

Candy said...

Posted on June 29, 2016 @ 8:43 PM -
Pastor Mark, thank you for this. I was just asked that question by someone in my family who doesn't believe in God at all, I answered him with exactly that "Christian" answer and was bombarded with the comments similar to your scenario. Thank you for the clarification of sin and the different views. I believe this will help me in future conversations on this topic.

Mark said...

Posted on June 29, 2016 @ 3:15 PM -
I use the word sin in quotations and societal sin when speaking of it from a secular world view because you are right, they don't really use that word. However the concept of it exists. For a secular, it is probably more apt to say "morally wrong." Perhaps I will change this to be a bit to be more clear. However, the explanation takes a lot of words that I may not be afforded. Good thinking.

Mona said...

Posted on June 29, 2016 @ 12:41 PM -
Question: is "sin" even a term for the secular world? I understand your idea that God is the center of the Christian worldview, that he is creator and the definer of all things. And that man is at the center of the secular worldview. But from a secular worldview perspective when I say homosexuality is wrong they have all kinds of missiles to hurl my way bc I'm not in agreement with their definition of right and wrong. I did not sin against a higher power, they are the higher power bc they define right and wrong. Sin by definition is any transgression against the law of God.
So without an admission of a higher power how can my action/response be a sin.

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